New Nightclub Disco Brings '70s Decadence to River North

Taking inspiration from the glamour days of Studio 54, new nightspot Disco is bringing the boogie to a new generation.

Chicago has been famously unfriendly toward disco music—the White Sox’s notorious Disco Demolition Night in July 1979 saw the incineration of dance vinyls in the outfield of Comiskey Park and arguably ushered in the death of the genre. It’s with slight irony, then, that just a hip thrust away in River North comes Disco, a Lucite-laced love letter to bygone funk that has become one of the neighborhood’s hottest new spots.

All that glitters: “When you look at art, music, interior design, [and] fashion, the 1970s may be the most definitive decade influencing us [now],” enthuses Bonhomme Hospitality’s Daniel Alonso, who conceived the space with the Hindo brothers, whose hot spot Celeste shares an address with the third-floor discotheque. “I’m thinking of this glamorous era that has nothing to do with polyester and and bell bottoms.”

The playlist is paramount: “We’re trying to remain honest to the genre,” explains Alonso, whose DJ picks have included Studio 54 alums Lono Brazil and Nicky Siano.

Bring the beat (and the booze): Mixology highlights include the Porn Star Martini, a frozen concoction of vodka accented with vanilla, passion fruit, and citrus, all ensconced—fittingly—in a disco ball. “We wanted them to be really complex cocktails,” says head bartender Brendan Diaz, “but still have a fun, free profile that reflected the space.”

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