Here's what you'll be sipping at Disco, the new '70s-inspired bar in River North


The ’70s are synonymous with groovy beats, beanbags and big hair. Despite all that awesomeness, quality cocktailing wasn’t a high priority back then, and sickeningly sweet, gimmicky drinks dominated the scene. The folks behind Disco, a new bar above Celeste in River North, must know that everyone loves a good comeback story. They set out to resurrect the finest disco vibes with a side of phenomenal cocktails from Celeste’s beverage team lead by Brendan Diaz.

“We really wanted to capture the essence of the time period rather than try and mimic exactly what was going on at that time,” Diaz said. “So while there may have been several tequila sunrises and grasshoppers passing over the bar in the ’70s, the era itself denotes a feeling much more important than what was in the glass.”

The glasses here are filled with tasteful tropical flavors and simple garnishes, rounding out a confidently quirky cocktail program. We sampled five of the bar’s top offerings ($13 each) and even used them as accessories to show off the season's grooviest ’70s-inspired fashion trends (more on that here). Here’s what you’ll be sipping while bumping and grinding at Disco.

Pornstar Frozen Martini Vodka, cuvée, passion fruit puree, vanilla syrup, lime juice and a shot of bubbly on the side Looks like: The cutest thing to hit the dance floor since you arrived. Tastes like: The only known cure for disco fever.

Trophy Wife Tequila blanco, pear brandy, Campari, raspberry syrup, lime juice, dehydrated lime wheel garnish Looks like: You’ll want to put a ring on it. Tastes like: A juicy margarita with a delightfully bitter finish.

Cocktail Formerly Known as … Bourbon, aged cachaca, pineapple and beet juices, absinthe, lime juice, pineapple leaf garnish Looks like: A drink fit for a Prince—crown included. Tastes like: How we imagine Purple Rain might go down. A little sweet, a little tart and a heavy hand of booze.

King of Cool-ada Aged rum blend, fernet, cream of coconut puree, pineapple and lime juice, mint garnish Looks like: A tall glass of vacation. Tastes like: Redemption for every crappy premixed pina colada we’ve ever gulped down on spring break.

Banana-Groni Banana-infused gin, aperitif wine, bitters, falernum Looks like: Is that a banana in your pocket, or are you just happy to see us? Tastes like: The bitter regret of ignoring flavored gins for this long. And tiki time.

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