Concept & Design

Founded in Chicago in 2016, Disco captures the energy, glamour, sexiness and globally fueled character of the 1970s in NYC, Paris and Rome by summoning the era's anything-goes attitude. High-profile and celebrated resident DJs spin classics, deep cuts and contemporary disco that evoke Studio 54 and Paradise Garage while adding a modern twist.

With a passion and focus for maintaining Chicago’s most authentic music programming, Disco is a nightlife sanctuary with the essential wall-to-wall LED dance floor, custom retro wall coverings, ornate mirrored ceilings, tropical plants and Lucite furnishings.

"Fashion icons like David Bowie, Diane von Furstenberg, Grace Jones, Halston, Iman, Jerry Hall, Karl Lagerfeld, Mick Jagger and Steve McQueen have continued to impact our style, and we are paying homage to the cultural revolution that they shaped," says Daniel Alonso, Bonhomme Group’s founder and creative director.

"We have created a space influenced by the legacy of these luminaries, where we hope our guests can have fun, feel glamorous and dance, while still enjoying the modern luxuries of Chicago nightlife,” says Saam Hagshenas, Bonhomme Hospitality’s Music Director.

Produced by partners Daniel and Marina Alonso, Nader Hindo, Fadi Hindo, Rafid Hindo, Meghan Vietti Perdue, Marcos Campos, James Barnett, Juan Carlos Alonso and Saam Hagshenas.